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LLC and Corporate Information


Whether you are running a small mom and pop shop, starting an online business, investing in real estate, or investing in the stock market, setting up the right business structure will position you for success now and long into the future.

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LLC and Corporate Information

We Can Help You
Reach Your Goals

Setting up the business structure that matches your goals can help you save thousands in taxes, protect you from liability, and make it easier to establish funding. 

LLC and Corporate Information

Our Specialties

Online Business

Starting and operating your online business can be difficult, especially with all of the red tape surrounding taxes. Setting up your LLC or corporation properly from the start will help you save money on taxes, generate funding, and maintain online compliance.

Real Estate Investing

Before you put up walls or a roof, you must lay a solid foundation for your real estate business. At Prime Corporate Services, we’ll make sure you have the best legal protections and tax advantages to enhance the long term viability and the profitability of your real estate investment business. We’ll even show you how to use your business to fund your investments!

Stock & Cryptocurrency Investing

As a trader or investor, you must choose one of three legal trading statuses with the IRS. Your trading status will dictate how you are taxed, and how much you will owe the government. Establishing the right type of trading LLC or corporation will allow you to take up to 250 different deductions to help you pay THOUSANDS less in taxes.

General Business

No matter what business you are venturing into, you need to have the proper structure established from the start. Setting up an LLC or corporation will allow you to maximize your tax deductions, shield your personal assets from liability, and develop and maintain business credit. Whether you’re a brick and mortar family business or a tech-savvy online entrepreneur, Prime Corporate Services can help you make the right choices for long term success.

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